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Doorway is a Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition (SCADA) software product for Building Management Systems (BMS) controls primarily used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning services in buildings. Doorway may be used stand alone or across an Intranet in Client-Server mode.

Doorway provides a powerful yet low-cost graphical interface to BMS products from Trend Control Systems Ltd, as well as SeaChange products manufactured by ENER.G Holdings PLC and distributed by their subsidiaries ENER.G Controls and SmartHome Controls. Doorway also works with the growing range of LonWorks® compatible products.

Doorway can monitor and control up to 120 points per page, and the number of pages is unlimited. Doorway's multi-user Client-Server mode allows up to 100 users access to their systems with high security from anywhere on an organisation's intranet. World-wide access over the Internet is possible when permitted by firewall security mechanisms.

From the outset Doorway was designed to be easy to use, and requires little or no training. Hence like Microsoft Office® it has a conventional business software menu interface. The software is designed for Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

More than 8000 software licenses for the Doorway software have been sold.

This is a content oriented site, so you will not find pretty graphics here. We try to keep things both readable and printable, and keep the download times short.

Doorway Systems has continuously developed the Doorway BMS software since 1993, with well over £1 million in sales. Microsoft is now taking Windows into new formats where a Licence Key is very inconvenient so Doorway Systems has decided to release the Doorway software for free unrestricted use, and it no longer requires a Licence Key for product activation.

Available from your regular BMS specialist or directly from:
E-Mail: sales[at]doorway[dot]co[dot]uk
Telephone: +44 (0)7973-223643
Doorway Systems is based in the UK.
Tony Chamier, proprietor of Doorway Systems, has over 30 years experience of designing BMS products for HVAC control in the UK.