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Doorway - The Supervisor for Systems Integration

Doorway is an easy to use yet comprehensive Supervisor for Building Management Systems using products by Trend Control Systems Ltd and SeaChange Ltd, or which are LonWorks® compatible. Doorway has been in commercial use since May 1993 and over 8000 licenses have been sold.

* Doorway is proven on Microsoft Windows® 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
* Full feature client-server operation of the BMS across Intranet using Doorway IT Gateway.
* Real Time Editing of pages, set parameters in status bar, move items with mouse.
* Full range of Fonts and Colours available, with an Autoscaling resizable display.
* Use images from almost any Windows applications with OLE or Copy & Paste.
* Convert legacy PIC format pictures to Doorway's Microsoft format in seconds.
* Graphs - Eight traces in various styles including 3-dimensional, statistics, and colour.
* Real time Charting of most system parameters.
* Alarms Archived by month with optional printing and multi-media sound support.
* Alarm Retransmission facility.
* System data can be Copied and then Pasted into applications such as Microsoft Excel.
* Automatic page and graph Snapshots archived in Microsoft Access® database format.
* Security for 40 users with individual names, passwords and timeouts.
* Adjust Clocks and 7 day Time Zones, store and recover settings from disk.
* Use industry standard V92 modems or proprietary TMN-MNC modems.
* Engineering screen for configuring suitable controllers, including Upload/Download of IQ data files.
* Chat allows messaging with other Doorway users over the IT and BMS networks.
* Server DDE links system data to other applications, eg. Energy Monitoring & Targeting applications.
* Doorway LNS Add-In for LonWorks® LNS database to supervise LonWorks® system.
* TCP/IP network access to the system across the Intranet.
* BMS software at PC Prices - From £440 for Single-user, £1250 for 99 user Server version.
* Upgrades currently available free-of-charge from Doorway Systems Internet Web sites, see below.

Note: Some features described above may not be applicable to all third party products.

Available from your regular BMS specialist or directly from:
E-Mail: sales[at]doorway[dot]co[dot]uk
Telephone: +44 (0)7973-223643
Doorway Systems is based in the UK.